Join The Mental Health Community You've Been Dreaming Of

This new discord family is a safe place where we can all (anonymously if we choose) talk about and seek help for what is going on in our heads.

Yes, this is 100% FREE!


What they say

For too long I have felt very bad about myself. My mind was riddled with depression and I just felt like I was in this downward spiral. Section 9 changed that for me. 

Vanessa Harris - Nurse

My life was out of control and I just couldn't get a hold of my sanity. Having a safe place I can share everything has made the world of a difference. 

Anna Morgan - Stay at home mom

What's Inside The Community

Weekly Group Q&A's with an actual Psychologist 

Our medical staff is VERY well versed on depression, anxiety, ADHD, brain nutrition and so much more. Bring your questions, share your stories, and find your safe place. 

Bring Your Questions ANYTIME!
Outside of our weekly Q&A's this is a chat and video chat community. We have numerous medical staff members engaging daily. Not to mention your ability to chat openly or privately with any of the other family members. 
Completely Anonymous (If you so choose)

We understand that these conversations are HIGHLY personal and people are being extremely vulnerable in here. With that, we give you the option to use your real name... or not. The whole point is we want you to feel safe. 

Mental Health Simplified